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K & C Global Ltd. (“K & C”), founded in 2008, services, repairs and supplies marine turbocharges as well as ship spares, in order to meet the demand of the maritime industry. 
Our Strategic ADVANTAGES

Our new workshop is perfectly located near the container terminals, dockyards and the western anchorage so that we are capable of providing instant technical support to our customers.


Our close collaboration with the Yiu Lian Dockyards allows K&C to access to all superb facilities, state-of-the-art equipments for our clients, ensuring our top quality service with versatility, flexibility and competitive pricing.


K&C Global Ltd. (K&C) began in September 2008 in a small office with a tiny turbocharger department. 


With the supports from the world largest manufacturers of Turbocharger, K&C has become one of the authorized maintenance shops and reliable sales agency of genius spare parts in the repair market.


In 2009, K&C moved into the Yiu Lian Dockyards and launched the new latest model of balancing machines. 

Our technical expertise are all well-trained and able to work with you to design efficient and reliable solution to your problems in the marine repairing field. 


Our engineering, selling and repairing services range from the largest model of turbine, exhaust gas turbocharger to a wide range of ship spare parts that support different kinds of marine engine.

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